In this segment, you will learn a lot about using shortcuts in Microsoft Excel.

Other Shortcuts

In this section we added few Macros and VBA Editor Shortcuts and Power Query Shortcuts

Macros and VBA Editor

Command Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts

Open the VBE window (edit VBA code)

Alt + F11

Fn + Alt + F11

Open the Macro window to run or edit a macro

Alt + F8

Fn + Alt + F8

Record Macro

Alt, L, R


Open Excel Add-ins Window

Alt, L, R


Open COM Add-ins Window

Alt, L, J




Power Query

Command Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts

Open the Power Query Editor

Alt, A, P, L, N


Press any button in the Power Query Ribbon

Alt, Letter Sequence


Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) in Power Query

Alt + Number


Rename Column



Remove Column(s)



Select All Columns

Ctrl + A


Select First Column



Select Last Column



Select Multiple Adjacent Columns

Shift + → or ←


Select Multiple Non-Adjacent Columns

Ctrl + → or ←, Space


Open Filter Drop-down Menu

Alt + ↓


Open Right-click Menus

Menu Key


Open Table Options Menu

Select First Column, ← , Space


Select Task Panes & Ribbon

Tab & Shift + Tab


Close Power Query Window

Alt + F4


Close & Load

Alt, F, Enter