In this segment, you will learn a lot about using shortcuts in Microsoft Excel.

Pivot Table Shortcuts

A PivotTable is a powerful tool to calculate, summarize, and analyze data that lets you see comparisons, patterns, and trends in your data.

Command Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts

Insert a new Pivot Table

Alt, N, V


Refresh Pivot Table or Query

Alt + F5


Refresh All

Ctrl + Alt + F5

Cmd + Alt + P

Open pivot table wizard

Alt, D, P

Cmd + Alt + P

Select entire pivot table

Ctrl + A

Cmd + A

Group pivot table items

Shift + Alt + →

Cmd + Shift + K

Ungroup pivot table items

Shift + Alt + ←

Cmd + Shift + J

Unhide (clear filter on) pivot table item

Alt, H, S, C


Filter out (exclude/hide) pivot item

Ctrl + –

Ctrl –

Open Filter Dropdown Menu in Pivot Table cells

Alt + ↓

Alt + ↓

Toggle pivot table field checkbox



Insert pivot chart

Alt + F1

Fn + Alt + F1

Create pivot chart on new Chart Sheet


Fn + F11