In this segment, you will learn a lot about using shortcuts in Microsoft Excel.

WorkBook Shortcuts

WorkBook related Shortcuts are included in this section

Command Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Create a new Workbook Ctrl + N Cmd + N
Open Workbook Ctrl + O Cmd + O
Save Workbook Ctrl + S Cmd + S
Save As F12 Cmd + Shift + S
Print File Ctrl + P Cmd + P
Open Print Preview Window Ctrl + F2  
Close Current Workbook Ctrl + W Cmd + W
Close Excel Alt + F4 Cmd + Q


Workbook Actions & Options

Command Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z Cmd + Z
Redo the last action Ctrl + Y Cmd + Y
Repeat the last action F4 Cmd + Y
Open Excel Options window Alt, F, T Cmd + ,
Open help F1  
Open the Control Menu Alt + Space  
Open Spelling window (Spell Check) F7 Fn + F7
Open Thesaurus dialog box Shift + F7 Fn + Shift + F7
Open Right-click menu Shift + F10 Fn + Shift + F10
Move to the next pane in the application window F6 Fn + F6
Move to the previous pane Shift + F6 Fn + Shift + F6
Protect and Unprotect Workbook Alt, R, P, W  


Workbook View Settings

Command Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Minimize current workbook window Ctrl + F9 Cmd + M
Maximize or Restore current workbook window Ctrl + F10 Fn + Ctrl + F10
Toggle full screen Ctrl + Shift + F1 Ctrl + Cmd + F
Go to previous workbook Ctrl + Shift + Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Go to next workbook Ctrl + Tab Ctrl + Tab