In this segment, you will learn a lot about using shortcuts in Microsoft Excel.

Editing Text (Cell edit mode)

If you edit a text, write a code, or create a custom formula you can use these Excel shortcuts in all areas.

Command Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Edit the active cell F2 Ctrl + U
Insert or edit cell note Shift + F2 Fn+Shift+F2
Insert or reply to Cell Comment Ctrl + Shift + F2 Fn + Ctrl + Shift + F2
Delete comment Shift + F10, M
Cancel entry Esc Esc
Select one character right Shift + → Shift + →
Select one character left Shift + ← Shift + ←
Move one word right Ctrl + → Ctrl + →
Move one word left Ctrl + ← Ctrl + ←
Select one word right Ctrl + Shift + → Ctrl+Shift+→
Select one word left Ctrl + Shift + ← Ctrl + Shift + ←
Select to the beginning of the cell Shift + Home Fn + Shift + ←
Select to end of the cell Shift + End Fn + Shift + →
Delete to end of line Ctrl + Delete Ctrl + Delete
Delete a character to the left of the cursor Backspace Delete
Delete characters to the right of the cursor Delete Fn + Delete
Start a new line in the same cell (line break command) Alt + Enter Ctrl + Alt + Return