In this segment, you will learn a lot about using shortcuts in Microsoft Excel.

Data Entry Shortcuts

Commands for Data Entry Shortcuts

Command Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Enter and move down Enter Return
Enter and move up Shift + Enter Shift + Return
Enter and move right Tab Tab
Enter and move left Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Complete entry and stay in the same cell Ctrl + Enter Ctrl + Return
Enter same data in multiple cells Ctrl + Enter Ctrl + Return
Insert current date Ctrl + ; Ctrl + ;
Insert current time Ctrl + Shift + : Cmd + :
Fill down from cell above Ctrl + D Ctrl + D
Fill right from cell left Ctrl + R Ctrl + R
Copy value from the cell above Ctrl + ‘ Ctrl+’
Copy value (the result of formula) from the cell above Ctrl + Shift + “ Ctrl + Shift + “
Display AutoComplete list Alt + ↓ Alt + ↓
Flash fill Ctrl + E  
Quick Analysis Tool (select cells first) Ctrl + Q