In this segment, you will learn a lot about using shortcuts in Microsoft Excel.

Formula Shortcuts

Working with formulas is easy, use shortcuts to manage formulas on the fly! Learn about the most important shortcuts and make your rows and columns-related tasks easy!

Command Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Begin entering a formula = OR + = OR +
Edit the active cell F2 Ctrl + U
Toggle Enter and Edit modes while editing formula F2 Ctrl + U
Exit cell edit mode Esc Esc
Toggle absolute and relative references F4 Cmd + T
Open the Insert Function Dialog Box Shift + F3 Fn + Shift + F3
Autosum selected cells Alt + = Cmd + Shift + T
Toggle formulas on and off Ctrl + ` Ctrl + `
Insert function arguments Ctrl + Shift + A Ctrl + Shift + A
Enter array formula Ctrl + Shift + Enter Ctrl + Shift + Return
Calculate worksheets F9 Fn + F9
Calculate active worksheet Shift + F9 Fn + Shift + F9
Force calculates all worksheets Ctrl + Alt + F9  
Evaluate part of a formula F9 Fn + F9
Expand or collapse the formula bar Ctrl + Shift + U Ctrl + Shift + U
Display function arguments dialog box Ctrl + A Ctrl + A
Open the Name Manager Ctrl + F3 Fn + Ctrl + F3
Define name using row and column labels Ctrl + Shift + F3 Fn + Ctrl + Shift + F3
Paste name into formula F3  
Accept function with autocomplete Tab ↓ + Tab